Sheriff Departments & Police Officers

We work closely with Sheriff Departments to offer a no-cost, turnkey Roth 457(b) and 457(b) Leoncountyretirement plan package.

We provide:

  • Roth 457(b) and 457(b) Plan Document provided at no cost. The plan document will reflect the language needed for a Roth 457(b) plan and 457(b) plan.


  • Free plan administration for the Sheriff’s Department and its employees.  We work with one of the leading TPA firms headquartered in Florida.  It serves thousands of plans nationwide.  We also will provide the third-party plan administration. The product vendors and insurance companies will pay the administration fees for this Roth 457(b) and 457(b) plan (25 plan participants or more).


  • Outstanding and unique Roth 457(b) and 457(b) products. These product solutions protect all premiums paid and earned interest from market loss. These indexed annuities also offer a Guaranteed Lifetime Income Rider. One of the most popular Roth 457(b) products offers a 5% immediate bonus on all contributions for the first seven years!


  • Veteran advisors.  Our advisors and representatives have many years of experience working with Florida, California, and Texas public school district employees, firefighters and government employees. They will educate your employees about the Florida Retirement System. They also will provide retirement plan options and DROP solutions and education.