Charter Schools

Elementary school class outsideNational Retirement Group and Tampa Bay Financial Group offer Charter Schools a turnkey retirement plan package at no cost to the school or to its employees.

The package includes:

  • A plan document
  • Plan set up
  • Third-party administration from one of the leading firms nationwide
  • Outstanding 403(b), Roth 403(b), 457(b) and Roth 457(b products
  • Products that guarantee an employee cannot lose his or her principal or earned interest due to market loss
  • Guaranteed income for life with a rider
  • Products that have no annual advisor and investor fees
  • Trusted advisors and representatives who specialize in the school, government and non-profit marketplaces

We also can offer an investment platform if desired.


Roth 457

We offer Charter school employees a new opportunity to save on an after-tax basis through Roth contributions. The Roth 457(b) plan gives you more control over when your contributions and retirement income will be subject to income tax.

After-Tax Contributions

  • Taxes paid on contributions
  • Tax-free withdrawals*

The Roth 457(b) option provides an alternative to pre-tax investing in a 457(b) plan. Roth contributions are considered “after-tax,” which means taxes are withheld when you contribute.

However, qualified distributions on your contributions, plus any earnings are completely tax free. As in the example, if you contribute $200, the entire $200 comes out of your paycheck, but when you make a withdraw from your Roth 457(b)  account, the entire amount plus any earnings are tax free.