DROP Advisory Council


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When you are considering retiring and entering into Florida’s Deferred Retirement Option Plan or DROP, you need to work with a financial professional who is a member of the DROP Advisory Council.

Why? Its members are highly skilled and experts in the field. Through the years, they have helped hundreds of DROP participants with their pension options, health insurance, contributory and non-contributory savings plans, and sick pay accounts via Bencor. This is all they do!

If you do it alone, the DROP process can be daunting. Because DROP is the most important retirement decision you will ever make, it is critical for you to work with an expert and an experienced DROP Advisory Council Member.

When we begin working with you, we will help you determine the exact amount in your FRS retirement account. We will help you calculate your retirement benefits, including DROP benefits. Most importantly, we will help you with all the “right” forms!

Also, we can help you determine your Federal income tax withholding so your employer can withhold the correct amount from your pay. Another important aspect is to review your Social Security benefits to help you in your retirement planning. And after understanding your needs, we will design a tax-advantage solution for your DROP money that provides a guaranteed income for life – a paycheck for life!

Through the years, we have helped hundreds retire in dignity with their DROP!
If you would like one of our financial professionals to contact you, please call us at 855-535-2470 or Email: info@nationalretirementgroup.com

Also, please visit our website at www.dropadvisorycouncil.org