+5% Bonus Annuities


Immediate Bonus Annuities . . .

There are several immediate bonus indexed annuities in the marketplace today. One product is a flexible premium deferred indexed annuity that features a 5% Immediate Interest Credit on all net premiums received in the first seven Policy Years.  That means if you contribute $100, immediately your account will be credited $105. Plus, you will earn additional annual interest based on the index performance, participation rate and cap!



Competitive Highlights

  • A flexible premium deferred indexed annuity, protects all premiums paid and earned interest from market loss
  • 5% Immediate Interest Credit on all net premiums received in the first seven Policy Years
  • 10-year declining withdrawal charge period
  • Access to 10% of the accumulation value each year after the first policy year
  • The policy must be established with a minimum of $25 per pay period salary reduction/deduction PACP
  • Guaranteed Lifetime Income Rider available for at an additional cost, for qualified annuitants. GLIR is REQUIRED on any application submitted as a single sum over $25,000.

Indexed Annuities
There are generally three types of annuities — fixed, indexed, and variable. 
In an indexed annuity, the insurance company credits you with a return that is based on changes in an index, such as the S&P 500 Composite Stock Price Index. Indexed annuity contracts also provide that the contract value will be no less than a specified minimum, regardless of index performance.  These type of annuities protect all your contributions, premium paid, and earned interest from market loss. Below is an example of an indexed annuity versus a fixed annuity and the S&P 500 results.































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